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Intelligrow Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd,
Deshpande Startups, Next to Airport, Opp to Gokul Village,
Gokul Road, Hubballi, Karnataka. India

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Intelligrow consultancy services is incorporated in India. It aims in providing core banking software solutions to Financial Institutions.

Our People


Sangamesh Nadagoudar

Chief Executive Officer


Arivuganesan Arikrishnan

Heads - Technology and software developments


Shruthi Nadagoudar

Heads - Operations and Clients Management


Meet the intelligrow's team.

At intelligrow, we have a great positive work environment which enables the team to share their skills, talents, and ideas to achieve a common goal. We aim to provide a platform for anyone who wants to create better financial experiences. Financial institutions considers us there technology partner. Our team collaborates with their team, because we believe Collaboration can improve efficiency, innovation, and team relationships thereby creating a greater financial technology.

Image - Team meet at Fortune, Hubli.

Intelligrow was created aiming to technology enablement for financial institutions, by completely eradicating manual process hence opt Digitalization.

Before starting Intelligrow, we were indepthly part of Microfinance institution, NBFC and Mifos community. We were directly involved in operations & technology. As a result, we understood the challenges faced by these financial institutions.

We started automating manual process with cloud based core banking mobile application, the result was outstanding by reduced time & cost with higher efficiency. That’s when we started Intelligrow to reach other institutions to help them in technology enablement.

Image - Partcipated in Mifos community Dubai summit


Intelligrow is being used by over 45 financial institutions which are Microfinance institutions, NBFC's, NGOs, credit co-operative societies, Souhardha's, SACCOs, rural banks and other finance companies.

This various domain knowledge provides us an opportunity to build actual field scenario based core banking software solution, which gives advantage to these financial institutions to overcome practical field challenges.

Our Vision is to: With use of technology Financial Institutions should be able to provide doorstep services to their customers while bringing down time and costs and increase efficiency.

Image - Partcipated in Mifos community Jaipur summit.

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